Conference Wayfinding at the Touch of a Screen


Keeping track while at a conference can be difficult. "Who's new?," "Where's my next session?," or "Gosh, I wish I'd picked up the handout for the session I attended on Thursday!" The Pathable app used by ADRP helps solve all of these problems. 

When it comes to wayfinding technology, a conference app can make all the difference with an organization the size of ADRP. The best part was that app usage began way before the conference even started. Being able to sit as a team with our phones and decide who would go to which sessions, was a useful planning tool. Once on site, being able to find where we were to setup our booth through "Maps" made hauling gear into the venue much easier.

In-app maps helped with navigating a large space and finding everything you'd need.

Under the “Schedule” tab, sessions were easy to view and select, making scheduling a cinch!

Lose that handout from Stewardship TechXchange? Can't find that note from the "Establishing Meaningful Measures of Success for Donor Relations and Stewardship" presentation? Never fear! The ADRP Pathable app has all presentations, handouts, and resources stored in the "Materials" section. Click on any of the PDF links and you're sent to a shareable, external link. Learn something you want your team to act on right away? Copy the link and send it right from your device. 

Too many sessions, only one you
If you’re like me, the biggest problem with going to conferences is all the sessions you don’t get to attend because of the schedule — if only someone would make a Time Turner app like the necklace Hermione uses in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Having materials from the other sessions allows us the opportunity to, at the very least, get an idea of what was covered. This also gives us the opportunity to reach out to those who presented if we’d like to make a connection and get more information on the topic.

Every aspect of this app is helpful. From "Discussions" where you can connect with other attendees to the list of Exhibitors you want to make sure to visit, this piece of technology adds tremendous value to an event this large. Kudos to the ADRP team for providing a rich way for us all to connect and stay up-to-date!