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Donor Relations Consultation

Strategic insight will save time and money and better prepare your program for future change.

Heurista has been working with nonprofit clients for over twenty years.  Through those experiences we have learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t and why.  We have the ability to ask the right questions, identify gaps and steer you away from problems and towards greater engagement with your donors.  Our work leads to consistent, more confident interaction with donors and less experimentation. 

We partner with you to quickly explore options and make strategic choices that are integrated with your fundraising goals.  Our solutions engage donors in ways that motivate participation, increase giving and build passion for your mission.

  • Heurista is the industry leader in donor recognition strategy.  No other firm combines an understanding of donor relations and stewardship practice with recognition program and product design.
  • Our policy services can include the development of naming opportunity policy, evaluation models and nomenclature.
  • Our experience with similar clients gives us an objective perspective and the ability to report with authority on the outcomes and implications of the options you’re considering.
  • All of our work is based in a broad understanding of the goals of donor relations and stewardship:  to build donor trust and enthusiasm for your organization and its mission.
  • We provide turnkey services including consultation, policy and procedure planning, design, content development, project management and ongoing program support.