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Heurista is a consulting firm that helps nonprofits engage and retain donors through streamlined, industry-tested stewardship practices, meaningful storytelling, and creative donor recognition solutions. 


We partner with you to reach your goals.

If you are looking to improve the tools available to your team to communicate effectively and efficiently with donors, we help develop policies, procedures, standards and guidelines specific to your institutional culture and informed by best practice.  If you need help creating engaging experiences, choosing reliable products, developing meaningful content or completing complex projects, Heurista delivers.  We manage internal and external resources and inform decision-making with experience gained from more than twenty years of experience working with nonprofits and their donors.  

We enjoy finding the balance between proven strategies and new ideas.

The Heurista team includes consultants, project managers, designers and support staff. We work with clients across the US from offices in Asheville and New York. Project-specific partners allow us to provide innovative solutions for all channels and environments.  We provide strategic planning, design, mission-focused storytelling, and implementation support for all types of communication to and about donors.  

We have a talent for asking the right questions.

Heurista is the name Anne created to indicate the firm’s discovery-based approach and the cooperative, creative process characteristic of our work.  It is a riff on the concept of heuristics, which comes from the Greek heuriskein, meaning to discover.  The word shares the same root as eureka and heuretikos, which means inventive with an implication of wisdom or skill.  



Anne Manner-McLarty,
Lead Donor Relations Strategist

Nationally recognized leader in donor recognition and stewardship program planning