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Donor Recognition Product Design

Authentic storytelling improves any product investment.

The products you use to talk to and about your donors should not be generic. They should represent your organization and provide meaningful insight into the philanthropic relationships you’ve built. Heurista guides clients through a proven process of discovery to clarify project goals and establish the budget and internal and external resources available to create and maintain the products you purchase. 

Heurista is known for serving as an advocate for the needs of the fundraiser while leading a creative dialog with all stakeholders. Our expert recommendations are delivered in language that other participants, such as the branding team or facilities management, will understand. We’re able to connect style with format to design a display that aligns form with function.

Our designers specialize in creating for architectural environments and projects often include large format print and digital components. We’re familiar with traditional materials and methods as well as the most innovative technologies. Most importantly, we’re able to provide counsel based on real-world experience with latest trends, helping you understand how the products you are considering will function over time.


  • Clients consistently choose Heurista over larger design firms because of our expertise in donor relations and stewardship. Our design process begins with your donor relations and stewardship goals, not material or product ideas.
  • Heurista partners with you to explore options and make choices that align with the character of your organization.  We’re never selling a specific product and we’ll always entertain new ideas.
  • We’ve been designing donor recognition product for more than 20 years.  We know what works, what will stand the test of time and what will keep your audiences engaged.