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Donor Relations & Stewardship
Project Management

Rely on experts to complete special projects as they were designed, on time and within the budget.

Often Heurista is engaged to manage implementation projects.  This can be the detailing and installation of a newly designed recognition program or the fabrication of individual recognition locations over time.  The needs of each project vary, but in general, we serve as the project coordinator, keeping information flowing between the parties and ensuring a quality outcome. 


Services include:

  • Vendor research and supervision, including drafting and administering the Request for Proposal process
  • Budget and schedule management
  • Coordination with architect, general contractor and IT teams
  • Material, sample and layout review
  • Content coordination
  • Review and approvals management
  • Production art
  • Shop and site visits
  • Supervised installation
  • Project documentation and forms for ease of future orders