Virtual Donor Recognition for University Medical Campus

For the past several years, Heurista has been working with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to design and execute a comprehensive donor recognition strategy. That work is now coming to fruition and can be accessed online by way of the Virtual Benefactor Recognition Tour. This tour allows for searches by donor name or by display.

The system does not rely on maps or locations plans and is different from other solutions on the market in that it can be presented as a public-facing tour accessed via the web. Depending on the level of access provided, donors, prospects and the community at large can tour donor recognition remotely and easily share it via social media. 

As you browse the online tour, you may want to consider it from several perspectives:

If you would like to learn more about the virtual tour developed for CU Anschutz, please contact or call 828.505.7002. This tour is considered a prototype for the product PS, now under development. Learn more at


The early phases of the work CU Anschutz included a complete rethink naming opportunities and planning for more recognition for those donors supporting academics, research, and new programs through named funds. Learn more about the CU Anschutz strategic planning work on our blog.

ADRP members may have seen the ADRP webinar, "My What Big Recognition Plans You Have" presented by Brie Aguila and Nicole Rodriguez from CU Anschutz about the donor recognition strategy and the displays that installed in the summer of 2017. 

Additionally, several destination graphics showcasing transformational gifts to the campus are in now in place.

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