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Union of Concerned Scientists Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Recently, we had the good fortune to work with UCS on a history wall to be used at several events across the country this year as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Highlighting major milestones throughout their organization's history to give an overall view of their progress while making it larger than life, easy to set up, and light enough to ship cost effectively were the charges we were given.

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Creative Placemaking: Turning Song into Place

Immersive experiences are all the rage now. The term has gotten a new life with the trend of sharing pictures that drive personal narratives. When I look back over my 20+ years designing for public spaces I can recall the idea of immersive always being present. Scale often drives a sense of immersion as do interactive components and attention to details. A project from days before everyone carried a camera and all the worlds information in their hands is the Giving Garden that was commissioned by a leading retail cluster developer. The challenge was to use the principles of Creative Placemaking to carry the traditional narrative of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ song. What Fun!

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