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What motivates donors to give?

There are two key questions that we all want to ask and they both point to donor motivation.  The first is why did you give to us?  The second is what will motivate you to give to us again?  One can be asked, the other should never be asked.  If we are to demonstrate understanding of our donors, there are some things we have to figure out without asking.

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Interview with NEWSEUM's Emily Nicholson

At the Association of Donor Relations Professionals conference in Providence, RI, Anne Manner-McLarty of Heurista interviewed Emily Nicholson about the design and implementation of the Founding Partners interactive recognition kiosks at the NEWSEUM   The idea for this interview stemmed from a visit Anne made to the NEWSEUM after hearing of the extent to which the innovative museum uses electronic media for storytelling, both within the exhibits and for donor recognition.

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