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Interactive Display: Reflections Mobile in Portland

Riddles are inspiring to my design appetite. Reflections Mobile was commissioned to solve a Creative Placemaking riddle in urban Portland Oregon. The client was in an aggressive rebranding campaign for one of Portlands busiest commuter and retail properties. The vision was to create a piece that brought new vibrancy to the place and included references to the people who populated the place daily and nightly. No floor space was available. To impact the space a vertical solution felt right. A sense of inclusion was the vibe I was after from the public. Mirrored surfaces proved to be a subtle but powerful way to include viewers and create an element of interaction.

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Bringing Vibrancy to Casablanca's Morocco Mall

I’ve intentionally worked international assignments into my career, not just for the travel, but for the education and life experience that working abroad can bring. China was my first extended international experience and I was unprepared for the impact it would have on me personally and on my design and art practices. Later years working on projects in Europe made a specific impact. The Middle East shook my perceptions of the area and changed me as well. Naturally, the desire to keep exploring and reaching for the impact travel offers was strong. Africa had to happen, I was just waiting for the right time.

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