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Ring Trees Dubai: Sculpture to enhance the theme

My early years of training and study were on Manhattan’s famous Fashion Avenue. The Fashion Institute of Technology brought out my best illustration, design, and maker skills at the time. It showed me how to see trends and to respect the makers that had come before me. I soon moved on from fashion-specific design and it’s trappings. Time as an exhibition designer at the Central Park Zoo and the American Museum of Natural History broadened my understanding of how I could apply my creative passions. Ultimately, creative placemaking –defined by groups like Art Place America and others – captured my focus.

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Water Trees on the Arabian Gulf Coast

I have been fortunate to have thought many times that I was at a high point in reaching my design ambitions. Arriving in Dubai as it was beginning to reveal where it was headed blew my mind. Seeing it emerge from the sand with a vision and commitment built me into the maker I am now. Being immersed in their culture and experiencing that degree of hospitality helps me be the man I aim to be. Wild how chasing one’s design ambitions can impact who you are.

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Celebrating Ramadan: Using creative placemaking to bridge cultural norms

Forced air sculptural installation at Mall of the Emirates on Dubai, UAE. Nylon fabric and custom electric fans for starlights and crescent moon. Custom programmed lighting effects in white and green light, green being the traditional color of Ramadan. Suspended from iron and glass pavilion roof. Viewed from four levels. Designed to fill very large overhead open space as an observance of Ramadan for the families living in and visiting Dubai.

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