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Things Every Donor Relations Professional Should Know

What are the basics every donor relations professional should know? Think it through from your own point of view. If you were hiring a new person who would take on half of your work, what skills would he or she need?  What talent and experience would you be looking for?  What knowledge would you need to share right away? 

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The Virtual Donor Wall

Best Practices for Donor Recognition • What is a Virtual Donor Wall? “Virtual Donor Wall” is used as a catch-all phrase encompassing everything other than a traditional, facility-based grouping of donor names. I encourage you to maximize the “virtual” aspect and think of it as a concept identifying any donor recognition experience that is not tied to a passively-viewed, traditional donor recognition display.

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Interview with NEWSEUM's Emily Nicholson

At the Association of Donor Relations Professionals conference in Providence, RI, Anne Manner-McLarty of Heurista interviewed Emily Nicholson about the design and implementation of the Founding Partners interactive recognition kiosks at the NEWSEUM   The idea for this interview stemmed from a visit Anne made to the NEWSEUM after hearing of the extent to which the innovative museum uses electronic media for storytelling, both within the exhibits and for donor recognition.

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