Donor Recognition Display, Donna Fielding Cancer Wellness Institute

Donor Recognition Wall, Roper St. Francis: Donna Fielding Cancer Wellness Institute

Individuals facing cancer benefit from a loving support system and a focus on total wellness.  At Roper St. Francis, members of a patient’s family and support team are encouraged to participate in cancer wellness programs, too.  Donors to the Donna Fielding Cancer Wellness Institute help meet a simple goal:  to address all of a cancer patient’s needs – mind, body and spirit – and to include those around them in the journey. 

Named through lead gift from the Ronald Fielding family in memory of wife and mother, Donna Fielding, the institute is supported by a growing community of donors.  The donor wall was designed to provide a motivational introduction to the purpose of the institute, recognize those who have given thus far and motivate greater giving.

The display uses light, airy materials including a dichroic film that subtly changes color with the viewer’s perspective. Custom collage artwork by Stephen Lange employs reflective tape to further enhance the magical color changes.

A few panels are blank to communicate the opportunity to join the roster of donors supporting the institute. Quotes and information about the institute and its programs now fill spaces ultimately reserved for new donors.  Most panels include a quote from the donor conveying the donors’ reasons for supporting the cancer wellness programs. Individual components are sized to correlate to the Roper St. Francis Foundation’s major giving levels without listing gift amounts.  The panel at the far left allows for annual addition to the list of donors contributing to the Cancer Wellness Endowment.



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