Art Commission: Mission Hospital Centralized Donor Recognition Display

Install - full wall 080913_wm.jpg

Mission Health is a rapidly growing system with a strong and positive relationship with its donors. Individual philanthropy had been recognized, but without the benefit of a central display to celebrate the growing community of donors in a permanent, public forum. With the completion of the new display in the main lobby of the hospital, that has now changed.

This display combines a number of different storytelling features. The list at the top of the display showcases donors who have contributed $100,000 or more in lifetime giving to the Mission Foundation. These panels are updated annually and are planned for ongoing growth in the lists. A digital screen below those panels presents a running loop of information about the Foundation’s activities and accomplishments and, when activated by the viewer, allows for a search of other donor lists. A multimedia timeline showcases the various hospitals that make up the Mission Health system, historical benchmarks and the individuals who contributed to the success of Mission Health within the community.

The tile framing the donor recognition components is the work of ceramicist and public artist, Alex Irvine. It was commissioned for this display and features the dogwood and cross icons long associated with the Mission brand. Heurista led the concept development, design, coordination and installation of this donor recognition display and continues to work with the Mission Foundation in developing new content for the interactive media.

As Mission Health continues to grow, Heurista is working with the Foundation to expand the donor recognition standards established by this project. Guidelines are in place to direct naming opportunities and the branding of philanthropic recognition throughout the healthcare system. In addition, there is a concerted effort to coordinate philanthropic storytelling with wayfinding signs and other messages in public spaces.


Written By Anne Manner-McLarty

Anne Manner-McLarty is the managing editor of the Journal of Donor Relations and Stewardship. She founded Heurista in 2011, a leading resource for consulting specific to donor relations and stewardship, with particular expertise in the donor recognition program design and implementation.