Marrying Art and Consumer Engagement


Interactive design is an area where we love to apply our creative placemaking skills. We are often asked to maintain a brand narrative for a healthcare system, university, commercial property, nonprofit or park. While these brands represent complex organizations, they are rarely stretched as wide as the reach required for a brand like Sony. Always ready for a challenge, I accepted a commission to showcase their brand while creating a fun interactive sculpture to live in their New York City headquarters.

The Sony Flake is 30’ x 30’ and is mounted to a large wall in the entrance atrium on Madison Avenue. The scale of the flake gives it a monumental impact. Visitors can use a small kiosk to take their picture and have it displayed on the Flake. Custom animations were created and played on a continuous loop. The vibrancy that was added to the place was obvious. Principles of creative placemaking for marketing consumer goods was a fresh challenge that was met with this design.

The Sony Flake is a sculpture with a job to do. We understand that art and consumer interactivity are not easy married. The lines must be blurred. Creative placemaking allows this by focusing on what the visitor feels and adjusting the constraints of what is art.