Creative Placemaking: Heurista’s Partnership with Edison Projects

Public/private property developers across the globe measure their success by the degree to which they engage with local communities. Massive construction firms and accomplished city planners devote significant efforts and resources to creating places that are welcoming and vibrant. Each project has its own story to tell. Each project employs bright minds to tell the story.

Heurista works with Ed Manner and the team at Edison Projects to draw from experience in place-based storytelling for leading international property development firms ranging from the developers of Dubai’s Downtown - including the Burj Kalifa tower and The Dubai Mall – to Sung Hung Kai Properties who operate more than 50% of the public/private commercial properties in Hong Kong. Developers in Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Morocco have engaged our thinking to welcome their communities.

Edison Projects has a U.S. portfolio as well. Chattanooga, Tennessee’s CBL properties is a local example. This year added the Lehigh Valley Mall to the portfolio.

Across the globe, most families build cherished traditions that are celebrated during the later part of each year. Public space is always a component of these traditions. As giant public/private projects are planned, the holiday seasons are leveraged to bring communities together in shared spaces. Substantial budgets are dedicated to the work and all senses are considered in the design of the experiences.

Placemaking installation by Edison Projects at Lehigh Mall.

We have had the pleasure of contributing to iconic places as they are created and enhancing them for special events. Through this work, we became thought leaders on the power of fourth quarter marketing and cross-cultural community engagement. Families have always been our focus. Empowering tradition, cross-generational storytelling, and a sense of belonging while delighting children and their loved ones informs all of our thinking.

Ed_for web.jpg

Ed Manner  – Heurista, Co. Design and Technology Lead 
Thought leader in creative placemaking and place-based loyalty strategies 

• 20+ years in the field
• Experience Chair, Association of Donor Relations Professionals international conference. Advisory member, International Council of Shopping Centers and International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
• Design lead and producer of large-scale placemaking projects in more than 21 countries. Specializations in cross cultural sensitivities and strategic community engagement 

Ed’s work in public spaces across the globe informs and enriches the solutions that our team develops. He studied design and trending at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. His early foundation work with the Central Park Zoo and American Museum of Natural History led him to pursuing community engagement strategies in world-class commercial projects in Dubai, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Hallmarks of Ed’s work include place-based loyalty strategies, sponsorship integration, inclusion and diversity, community gratitude, and policy development for the integration of art and artists in public-facing environments.

Drawing from this expansive portfolio, Ed is pioneering paradigm-level work at the intersection of philanthropy, marketing and creative placemaking. His past consulting work with firms designing children’s play spaces and his passion for the possibilities that emerging digital forms of storytelling offer are creating new approaches to donor recognition and engagement. We accomplish this by concentrating on place-based storytelling, excellence in exhibit design and staying abreast of emerging technologies to engage the next generation of philanthropists and the generations after them.