A Campaign Communication Plan for Phoebe Foundation

“We wanted our Southwest Georgia community to understand the impact of philanthropy on the health of our region.  Heurista helped us make that a reality.”

– Lauren Ray
Executive Director
Phoebe Foundation
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

The Phoebe Foundation is in a somewhat unusual campaign, at least for hospital fundraisers: the community is being asked to fund student housing. The Southwest Georgia Medical Student Housing Complex will provide flexible accommodations within walking distance of the hospital campus for students in a number of different healthcare residency programs. Furthermore, research has indicated that medical students are likely to practice in the area where they trained, so this campaign will help solve another critical concern, the shortage of primary care physicians in Southwest Georgia.
Heurista was asked to participate in the design of the print and digital collateral to be used in support of this campaign. We are familiar with the Phoebe Foundation and sensitive to the need to establish a recognizable identity for the foundation within the community.  Furthermore, we have experience bridging academic and healthcare communications styles, which is becoming increasingly important as many hospitals are highlighting their role in academic medicine.
The set of communications tools designed for the Phoebe Foundation included a series of promotional handouts, a frequently asked questions document that can be modified in-house, a versatile folder, pledge cards and postcards as well as digital templates for use on the screens within the hospital. Unlike past campaigns, production was directed at in-house resources and print-on-demand solutions to provide flexibility and cost savings. The most recent update of the donor recognition displays in the hospital use similar graphics to provide visual and thematic continuity and present a new look for the foundation.