Donor Recognition Display, Steps into the Future at Catawba Valley Medical Center

For well more than a decade, families in Catawba Valley, North Carolina have celebrated the birth of their children with medallions placed in the hospital corridors.  Until recently, over 800 medallions were spread across a number of dark wooden frames hanging in several different locations.  With the advent of a newly renovated maternal-fetal unit, the decision was made to reinvigorate the giving program with new displays centrally located in a primary corridor. The update was especially well-received by the hospital’s staff who welcomed with glee the return of the medallions for their children, friends, and loved ones.

Heurista was engaged to design and budget new frames that house 300 medallions each, displayed in chronological order.  The frames are made of satin aluminum and printed acrylic.  They reflect design details typical of the Catawba Medical Foundation’s other donor recognition displays.  The medallions are manufactured by 1157designconcepts.  They list the baby’s name and birthdate along with an image of the infant’s footprint.  Boys have blue infill, girls pink, and infants who are memorialized are indicated with gold-toned medallions.  New medallions are installed directly to the displays.

This project was made possible through the support of a single family who funded the new components via a gift made in their daughter’s memory.  This approach to funding the update or expansion of displays has been employed in more than one area of the Catawba Valley Medical Center and has proven quite successful for re-engaging the community in the Foundation’s giving programs.

Catawba Valley Medical Center: Steps into the Future, Donor Recognition Wall



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