Enhancing visitor experience and connection with the community through art program

"Sunrise Over The Piedmont", Stephen Lange, Duct Tape, 3'3 1/2 wide x 6' 1/2 tall

"Sunrise Over The Piedmont", Stephen Lange, Duct Tape, 3'3 1/2 wide x 6' 1/2 tall

Over a period of several years, a vision of the hospital as a central hub for the spirit of the community has evolved in Catawba Valley. Spurred by the medical center’s reputation, new construction and an upcoming 50th anniversary, the not-for-profit community hospital made a commitment to purposefully improving the architectural experience and bringing the rich cultural heritage of the region into the healthcare facilities. 

Heurista was engaged to develop an art program that would launch in new construction projects, with the potential to spread throughout the hospital. Local artists were interviewed and submitted examples of their work for consideration. Photographers, painters, collage artists and sculptors were chosen. 

Several pieces were commissioned specifically for this purpose, including the Sunbeams collage by Stephen Lange. Stephen works with reflective sign maker’s tape to create intricate, iridescent artworks.

Painter, Jean Cauthen provided several works.  While some originals were displays, most paintings were reproduced in gicleé, a method of high quality full color printing directly to canvas.  Doing so reduced costs and eliminated the need for securing the artworks behind glass.



"I Doubted if I Would Ever Come Back", Jean Cauthen, Oil Painting, 60" x 48"


“Our goal was to enhance our connection with the community via exhibits, both artistic and historical, and to create a sense of place that celebrates the cultural heritage of our region.”

– Guy J. Guarino
Vice President Community Services & Chief Development Officer
Catawba Valley Medical Center





"Because it was Grassier", Jean Cauthen, Giclee

The art program is scalable. The hospital has negotiated rights to reuse all of the chosen photography and has a library of other artists and artworks at the ready for expansion into other areas of the hospital. Furthermore, a relationship has formed with local art representative Sarah Frisbey and her store, Bottega. This allows for a rotating collection of artwork, some of it for sale, in the main lobby of the hospital.

Heurista provided overall project management, including vision-setting, negotiation with the artists, location planning, resourcing and budget and schedule management. This project dovetailed well with our other projects telling philanthropic stories at Catawba Valley Medical Center.

Catawba Valley Medical Center, History Center Exhibit



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