Catawba Valley Medical Center: 50th Anniversary Celebration


October 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the Catawba Valley Medical Center. Heurista has worked with CVMC for more than a decade designing project-specific displays; a central philanthropy center recognizing cumulative, planned and annual donors; digital donor recognition; and an art program showcasing local artists. It was an honor to be selected to help celebrate the anniversary by designing semi-permanent graphics that connect the hospital to the community it serves. 

The celebration launched with a graphic in the lobby wall illustrating the various stages of development for the campus. This location includes a signature gold-toned medallion that will serve as a permanent commemoration of the event.

Later in the year, "ambassadors" showed up on the scene to connect employees to the project and promote goodwill in the hospital corridors. These life-size cut-out characters are cost-effective, lightweight and easy to move around. Heurista has used them for several projects and they are always a big hit.

In the fall, the central feature of the facility-based celebration was installed, a timeline covering nearly 80 linear feet of wall. The content for this display was carefully negotiated by the history committee and celebrates milestones specific to medicine, the community, physicians and staff, and hospital leadership.

This strategy of using semi-permanent graphics will continue. We are already preparing the 2018 additions to the timeline and creating graphics specific to community engagement that will be displayed outside a classroom used for a wide variety of public gatherings.

To learn more about other history-focused exhibits we've prepared, please link through to the Tuomey Medical Center centennial celebration and the versatile History Center at Greenville Hospital System and stay tuned for more information about the Athletic Hall of Fame at Christ School here in Asheville, NC!