A new milestone for Heurista - Michael Morel

Michael Morel

Michael Morel

Yesterday was a milestone for Heurista – Michael J. Morel joined the company. Operations Manager will be his job title, but the designation is vague and generic and belies the talent only Michael can bring to the position.  It would be easy to overlook the high expectations we’ve placed on Michael and the commitment he has made by accepting the job, but we know – and he respects – that this is a big step in the life of our company, and an important responsibility to take on on behalf of our clients.

The dictionary provides several definition for the noun operation.  All will apply to Michael's work:

• The fact or condition of being active; performance

• Organized and concerted activity involving a number of people

• The alteration of a number of expressions according to formal rules

• A surgical procedure

Michael comes to Heurista well suited to the demanding position.  He is known for years of hard work with the Asheville Symphony.  Most recently, he has served as Marketing Manager, having chosen that position after successive terms as administrative assistant, stage manager, operations and production manager.  His service was informed by his degree in Music Industry Studies and minors in Business and Arts Management at Appalachian State University.  He lead the re-branding of the 50-year old orchestra, marketed the wildly successful inaugural Asheville Amadeus festival, and won the League of American Orchestra’s national brochure design award for 2015.  Add to that Michael’s talent as a professional percussionist who performs with regional orchestras and The Steely Pan Steel Band; award-winning graphic design; a side career as a professional photographer; a lovely wife and a happy life in Asheville, North Carolina, where he is destined to flourish.

Michael won us over with this simple concept, presented like a mantra on his resume: In small-staffed organizations, every worker hones an inner "swiss army” self.  We are excited for you to meet him and to experience the can-do attitude he brings to Heurista.  He’s only been here one day and we’re already proud to have him leading the team!