Personalizing Online Video for Donor Relations

There is now new technology that allows us to create personalized videos for individual recipients. Most commonly, they use client-supplied lists or user supplied data to interject custom graphics... like names, logos or text... into preplanned locations within the video frames.  But now, with the advent of so many online tools for visualizing a location, customization can now include maps, photos and other graphics specific to a person or place.

Video has become the norm on the internet, and now personalized content guarantees more engaging ads for the viewer, making you the star of the show. Personalization has shown better response rates when compared to traditional marketing. In addition to the wow-factor of seeing your name or individual references integrated into the video content, you are more likely to share the experience, thereby increasing the audience for the producer. Cross-media marketing campaigns, such as those seen on Facebook, are proving the viral capacity for this type of online "toy" and can be a useful tool for donor relations professionals.

AdvertisingAge highlighted the custom e-video cards created for Stella Artois, providing more insight into how the various technologies, such as Google Maps and Google Map Images, can be used in tandem.  The first of the tricks is the presentation of an address on a dynamic 'green screen' like area in each video using a graphic that looks integral to the rest of the image. Later in the video the really fancy stuff gets going with custom background images are interspersed to leave you thinking, "boy this was made just for me!"

Watch this great example:

Watch a Personalized Video sample

Watch a Personalized Video sample

The design of these campaigns can be a bit tricky, but once the programming is in place, each new name, ID or address supplied will result in a unique and personalized outcome. A search for personalized video advertising will bring you the major players in this space.  As the concept evolves there are new examples using personalized messages and plot lines, and custom voice overs.

Obviously, this feeds some great ideas for donor recognition and constituent engagement.  Don't be scared off by the assumed price tag.  Instead, investigate ways to cross purpose the concept with other teams within your institution who would benefit from a spectacular win with custom, personalized online video!