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Graphic Design

Recognizable consistency improves brand awareness and bolsters mission-specific storytelling.

We understand the need for philanthropic messaging to coexist alongside the institution’s graphic guidelines and within its architectural environments.  We’re good at negotiating that coexistence with even the grumpiest of architects and brand managers.  We speak their language and respect their point of view while advocating for the needs specific to donor relations and stewardship.

Furthermore, we read architectural plans and are familiar with wayfinding rules, sign codes and print and online graphic standards that can tangle up a project, especially if it is intended to have a long lifespan.  Our experience can save you and others around you a lot of time.

Most importantly, we understand the importance of creating a recognizable graphic identity with enough flexibility to allow you to tell a wide variety of stories to multiple audiences in multiple formats.  We create graphic programs that grow with you and support your philanthropic mission.

  • Once clients learn about Heurista’s graphic design capabilities, we are asked to participate in a wide variety of projects because we are good listeners and good contributors.  We’re also fast and accurate.
  • Heurista transfers all design rights to our clients at project completion.
  • Heurista is willing to work with clients to develop templates in formats readily available to the client.  For instance, it is not unusual for us to design in Microsoft Powerpoint (which is not easy!) in order to facilitate future use on the client side.