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Donor Recognition Policy Development

A well-designed plan of action fosters creativity and innovation while providing consistency and confidence.  

No matter what you call them, comprehensive policies and procedures help set reasonable expectations and provide institutional perspective to donor relationships. Staff benefits from specific standards and guidelines to direct their activities. Donors feel more confident when decisions are readily at hand. They are delighted when the strategy includes the opportunity to see their individual passions aligned with the organization’s mission and reflected in the plans.

Heurista works with our clients to develop comprehensive documentation that improves the outcomes in all areas of donor relations and stewardship. We generate a flexible set of instructions for balancing activities and providing appropriate and effective engagement strategies. Specific tools make individual tactics easier to complete.

Policy development is based on both an internal audit and external benchmarking. The resulting documents provide specific, timed activities assigned to individuals within your team based on type and amount of giving.  Our clients tell us the consistency provided by our approach safeguard against well-intentioned excess or variety in response to donors and negotiates a shared plan of action among those representing the organization.

  • Clients report that working with Heurista to develop policy, standards and guidelines provides objectivity, insight and faster completion of the project.
  • Heurista works with nonprofit clients of every size and type.  This variety of experience allows us to cross-pollinate new ideas and encourage best practices.
  • Our discovery process ensures that the resulting documentation is specific to your organizational culture.  No two documents are ever the same.  We respect and foster your organization’s mission, brand identity and unique relationship to your donors.
  • Heurista’s donor recognition program documentation (link to blog on Figure 3) is unmatched in the industry.